Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Website and New Jewelry

I have a new website at www.afriquelachic.com. The site cost some blood, sweat, and tears but it is worth it after all the hard work. I came up with a lot of ideas and my son brought them to life. I didn't want the usual cookie cutter turnkey site that looked like everyone elses attached to a bunch of monthly fees so I decided to take the long route and build one from scratch. The site has some behind the scene features that makes my life a little bit easier so I'm pumped about it....so pumped that I listed over 1000 new pieces.

On etsy I had limited categories, fees up the ying yang, and restrictions on what I could sell... but with my new site I feel like a run away slave finally heading home lol....and that's a fabulous feeling:).

Now with this project out of the way there will come shiet loads of new jewelry, some travel, some much needed sleep, and small projects around the home....my back yard is totally over grown and I need to pull out the chain saw and my rubber boots...sigh.

Here are a few pictures of the new jewelry listed at www.afriquelachic.com:



  1. Hi,
    Your jewelry is truely amazing!!! And those black mannequin heads, wow! I'm going to order some jewelry very soon. I see a new addiction here.
    Love Gwen Gail