Monday, February 4, 2013

Afriquelachic Black History Month Sale

Afriquelachic is having a Black History Month sale all February to honor our elite African leaders, inventors, scholars, and ancestors whose shoulders we stand on. Please take off an extra 15% during checkout by entering the code BHM2013. Lets make this time special by reading and distributing positive materials that honor great Africans in the diaspora for their positive contributions to this world this February 2013 and everyday that we breath. &

Friday, February 1, 2013

Afriquelachic has wonderful things

Afriquelachic has been collecting things, African things, vintage things, brass things, bone and horn things, and can't wait to start creating wonderful fly things. I think I have about 6 plastic containers of new beads, pendants, charms, and findings from all over the world. I am salivating to set up my two tables and get to work but until then here are a few new items that I have added to my boutiques for your shopping pleasure. 

large african brass beaded hoop earrings

crystal dangle earrings

brass and crystal earrings

crystal dangle earrings
egyptian kemetic Isis goddess brass cuff bracelet

african beaded dwennimmen adinkra bracelet

ankh pendant bangle bracelets

beach charm bracelet

brass ankh pendant necklace

african chunky beaded necklace

large statement natural stone necklace

african glass bead necklace

african brass lion necklace

large brass sankofa heart pendant necklace

african natural stone brass sankofa pendant necklace set

big blue fabric hoop earrings

large purple african fabric hoop earrings

large crochet yarn camo earrings

large yellow crochet yarn hoop earrings

african wood earrings

african hamsa hand bone earrings

african carved bone akua doll earrings

african brass beaded afro hoop earrings

large green african brass beaded hoop earrings

crystal dangle earrings

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