Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Bold Ankh Rings

So it is the return of the ankh and I wanted to do it up big with large wired wrapped and brass ankh rings. The wire wrapped rings feature a 2 inch long brass, gun metal, are copper ankh pendant wrapped in brass, copper, and gun metal over copper wire. The brass ring has a 2 1/2 inch long solid brass ankh on a solid brass adjustable band wrapped in brass over copper wire with or without natural stones and elements.

Mothaland Africa Earrings Available

Many people have asked for these from time to time and recently a customer commissioned me to make them for her. I decided to include them in my collection and this is what I came up with. Earrings are 3-4 inches and are made from genuine leather. In the near future they will also be offered in wood along with rings and necklaces to match.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Funky Eclectic Give Away with Afriquelachic

Winner of the give away is:

Laraia our 12th entry


No purchase is necessary to win.

To enter simply visit Afriquelachic and have a look around. Then come back to the blog and leave a comment about your favorite product or piece from my collection. Your comment is your entry. Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be deleted. Your comment should include:

* Your name and a way to reach you (email address) should you win.
* The name of your favorite item in the shop(s) or the URL to it.

The contest ends on Saturday, May 15th, 12 am (pacific). The winner will be selected using

***** The winning box of goodies consist of cobalt blue feather earrings, a hand beaded hair comb with natural stone, natural amber, jade, wood beads, and sea shells, a brass wire wrapped ankh ring in your size, a butterfly pendant on a gun metal chain, hand painted wood earrings, and a cute little ankh ear cuff.*****

Value: $120

Funky Eclectic Ear to Nose Rings

I had been looking in one of my many African photography books when I thought of making this creation. I wanted something a little more dramatic than the regular nose ring so I decided to attach it to an earring. Most of my ear to nose rings have earring dangles from about 3-4 inches but I also make them as long as 8-9 inches. This piece is for someone looking for a tribal but chic look.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Funky Eclectic Earlaces

Earlaces are a cool blend of earrings and necklace combined and have a very eclectic look and feel. I used various metals from gold tone to gun metal along with West African and Kemtic symbols for that added touch of uniqueness.

Here are a few of my pieces....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Litte Girls and Waist Beads

Little girls are adorned in waist beads very early in life to shape their waist. I love this picture.

Purchase waist beads here

The History of Waist Beads

Bin Bin = waistbeads - Origin Senegal West Africa
Jel-Jelli = waistbeads - Origin Senegal
Giri-Giri = waistbeads - Origin Nigeria
Ileke idi - waistbeads - Origin Nigeria
Jigida = waistbeads - Origin Nigeria
Yomba = waistbeads - Origin Nigeria
Djalay Djalay = waistbeads - Origin Chad

Waistbeads are an age old African tradition and are worn for vast reasons and purposes to celebrate femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, power, balancing, attracting and keeping a mate, rites of passage, rejuvenation, initiations, first menses, energy, body shaping, to promote good blood circulation, sexual enhancers, and protection amongst other things.

Waistbeads can be anointed with special oils and herbs that will be absorbed into the skin for healing purposes.

Traditionally waistbeads are worn under clothing by African women but have also been worn outside of the clothing in some parts of Africa. In the modern world waistbeads are worn boldly outside of clothing against bare mid drifts as a fashion statement.

Waistbeads can be made of bone beads, shells, gemstones, glass beads, clay beads, pearls, brass beads, charms or a combination of them all to symbolize a woman or girls status in life. Waistbeads should be worn below the belly and can be a single or multiple strands. There is no age limit for women who can wear them nor is there a size limit. All my waistbeads are created with love, thoughtfulness, and are one of a kind. They come in all sizes, and can be made to order just for you.

You can find my waistbeads at AfriqueLaChic