Thursday, March 20, 2014

African Earrings

Afriquelachic Jewelry has freshened up our inventory with some sweet African earrings using brass, bone, horn, wood, leather, natural stones, African beads and other organic materials. Many of the pieces are one of a kind due to the rarity of the beads and materials used. I search both locally and around the world for unique beads and pendants. Please check out our entire jewelry catalog on our website

african cowry shell earrings

brass africa earrings

african brass earrings with cowry shells

tribal african earrings

african hammered brass earrings

african hammered brass cresent earrings

african hammered brass hoop earrings

african brass ankh earringsbrass ankh goddess earrings

african bead earrings

african wood earrings

african beaded brass earrings

african hammered brass earrings

african horn and natural stone earrings

african bone mask pendant earrings

african brass spear head earrings

african cowry shell hamsa earrings

african akuaba doll earrings

african brass hoop earrings

brass africa earrings

large hammered copper ankh earrings

african brass gye nyame adinkra earrings

brass ankh earrings

brass earrings

egyptian kemetic brass earrings

african carved bone akuaba doll earrings

african brass elephant earrings

african horn pendant earrings

african leather and bone gypsy earrings



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